In the period we live and also in the future people continue to sustain their existence depending on energy resources. The most healthy and reliable energy resource for energy that we use in many area of our life is solar. Because the Sun is not under the control of any individual, society, nation or country. The Sun is an energy resource that we all can use in equal conditions.

As Benli Elektrik Limited Company, we ensure first us, then technical personnel working within our organization get training to get the most out energy that the Sun offer to us and to perform implementations with solar energy.

Our company produce many projects – services sourced by solar energy.

A – Thermal Solar Energy Systems ;

Hot Water ; By projecting systems providing our daily hot water need, we perform implementation of systems producing hot water on hotels and dwelling basis.

B – Heating ;

As solar energy system implementation, we have dwelling heating and swimming pool heating systems implementations.

C – PVT Implementation ( Photo Voltaic Thermal System ) ;

It’s the implementation in which daily needed hot water and electricity are produced in the same system. Our company performed this implementation in Kalkan as a pilot project.

D – Solar Energy Plant ( GES ) ;

These systems are to provide electrical energy required for daily life from solar power and the least harmful to the environment as to generate electrical power in an economic way.

Our company are devising projects for OFF GRID and ON GRID system implementations.

Our basic offer for GES systems is to provide economical energy generation, provide selling of energy when there’s no energy consumption at houses or plants and contribute achieving economic gain.